Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Jan 14th

Long cold week here in Utah, gonna go up today and watch my beloved one learn to ski. He is a pretty handy guy so chances are he will pick it up very quickly. You might ask why am I not skiing? Well for one, skiing is expensive and this is being paid for by marks bosses who are rewarding him for a job well done, two....I am 40something and is it really a good idea? I havent decieded yet. Im gonna see how mark does, then make that call.
Life continues to be good right now, loving my new digs, sculpting so much I have run out of clay, gonna have to sell something to get some more.
I better get back to it, only have an hour before I have to run out again.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Jan 10th

Hello! Its been a few weeks, christmas has come and gone in a WHOOSH...we did get the apartment and I have been busy feathering the new nest. ILOVE IT has a great view of the mountains and ...not alot of space to clean! more time for sculpting!
Best of all its our own space and I feel as though I can breath again.
I spent most of the morning browsing through my favorite home shops just looking at things that would look great in my new space. We have not a stick of furniture to sit apon but it doesnt matter...time to start over. It feels good in this place, I dont feel so bad about leaving florida now. We will make it here.
Im busyer than ever keeping my sculpting streak going, if only my neck and shoulder didnt hurt so bad. Oh well, keep pressing forward!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Hello there, today woke up to a blanket of snow! Lovely. Not so fun to drive in but I am getting used to it...slow...slow and slower.
so far its been a great day, a nice man at the barn helped me pull in a new bale of hay, and was just very nice.
got Jack Frost off to his new home in Illinos...I really liked that one, I hope his new home likes him as well.
Had a wonderful conversation with my daughter in texas and now Im waiting for my oldest son to come home so we can go play at the mall.
Im making spagetti for dinner and then starting a new sculpt. I have been learnign alot from Mr Mark Dennis and feel inspired to start a new piece.
All in all I feel lighter this week than I have in months, probably due to the fact that my husband put in applications at this wonderful apartment complex and we are waiting to hear if we have been accepted or not. If we are we will be moving out VERY soon, that makes me incredibly happy.
This has been the hardest time in my life I think, or maybe a close second....but anyway things are bound to look up!
I hope.

Friday, December 10, 2010


ok so its my first day blogging, im so excited about the sculpting class that Mark Dennis is putting on...he is my hero and idol in the sculpting world along with Jack Johnston...
so today was the first class and I am starting my armature....wish me luck!

Im am so excited to be a blogger!