Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Jan 10th

Hello! Its been a few weeks, christmas has come and gone in a WHOOSH...we did get the apartment and I have been busy feathering the new nest. ILOVE IT has a great view of the mountains and ...not alot of space to clean! more time for sculpting!
Best of all its our own space and I feel as though I can breath again.
I spent most of the morning browsing through my favorite home shops just looking at things that would look great in my new space. We have not a stick of furniture to sit apon but it doesnt matter...time to start over. It feels good in this place, I dont feel so bad about leaving florida now. We will make it here.
Im busyer than ever keeping my sculpting streak going, if only my neck and shoulder didnt hurt so bad. Oh well, keep pressing forward!!

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